Clarke County Speedway, LLC
Osceola, Iowa

2015 Jr. FWD Division Rules

2015 changes are bold and underlined

Disclaimer: Clarke County Speedway, LLC. does not imply or guarantee safety. Total responsibility of vehicle safety and rule compliance is owner/driver, not Clarke County Speedway, LLC. Officials reserve the right to alter program or purse structure in the interest of time restraints. Clarke County Speedway officials have all rights to refuse any vehicle entered into any event.

Drivers must be 10-15 years old for the Junior FWD (Front Wheel Drive) division. You must present a birth certificate. A minor waiver will also be required for minors entering pit area. (See next page for instructions.)

1. Drivers must have fire suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, neck brace and full face helmet. All helmets need to be 1995 or newer Snell approved or equivalent. Window net with a top release is required. Window net brackets must be connected to roll cage. Racing seat with a 4 or 5 point shoulder harness required. Aluminum high back racing seat required. Seat must be mounted to cage. Quick release steering wheel recommended. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked “ON” and “OFF”

2. Cars must be strictly stock. 4 cylinder, front wheel drive. Domestic cars only.
Cars allowed:
General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford Pre-2000 model year.

            - No Imports
            - No Twin/Dual Overhead Cams
            - No Turbos, superchargers, or factory headers
            - No GM Quad-4’s or Ecotecs
            - No Factory performance vehicles
            - Stock means stock.

3. Remove all trim, glass, and flammable material. Four point roll cage with kickers is required. Inch and a half or greater pipe, .095 or greater thickness is required. Three driver door bars or more are mandatory. Minimum 3 windshield bars and protective screen mounted in front of driver.

4. Fuel tank may be left in stock location if in front of rear axel. You may have a fuel cell or boat tank in trunk area.

5. Stock front and rear bumper recommended. Fabricated tubular bumpers allowed, but must be covered by plastic nose or tail piece and bent to fit with rounded ends. Front and rear bumper bar must be maximum 1 inch O.D. Mounted to stock location only. Nose cones are allowed over bumpers.

6. Unaltered passenger tires only. No racing, mud or snow tires. No re-caps, softening, conditioning, grinding, sanding, siping or grooving allowed. Must be OEM steel or aluminum wheels. Tires must be same size on all four corners.

7. All doors, hoods and trunk lids must be chained, bolted or pinned. 2 - 6x6 inch holes are required in hood for fire safety. No bolts or other objects protruding from the sides of car will be allowed.

8. Battery must be securely fastened in stock position or on passenger floor. If on the passenger floor, must be in a marine case or steel box with a secured lid. If marine case is used, battery must be bolted to floor separate from case.

9. Mandatory enclosure in drivers compartment of all electric, fuel, transmission, & coolant lines in rubber hose or steel pipe.

10. TRANSAXLES: Cars with locked, welded, modified posi-traction or modified limited slip differentials are ILLEGAL. TEST OF STOCK TRANSAXLES: With one wheel jacked up and the other wheel on the ground, wheel must rotate 360 degrees with transmission in neutral.

Tech Inspection:
All classes may be teched weekly. If you are found illegal you will lose points and money for that night. All cars must pass a safety inspection and comply with the official’s decision on make/model, to be safe and equally competitive. Unobserved items escaping detection during inspection does not make them legal. Non-conformance to the rules will be called illegal. All permitted LEGAL exceptions to the rules will be noted by Clarke County Speedway on the entry blank.

Minor Waivers:

Our insurance company requires a 2 PAGE MINOR RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR EVERY MINOR ENTERING OUR PIT AREA. THIS MUST BE NOTARIZED, BY A NOTARY OFFICER.  Only one parent needs to sign this. Both parents are not required for authorization at our facility.

To comply, you have 2 options.


  2. Though it shows space for 2, only 1 parent needs to locate a notary to witness and stamp form (photo I.D).
  3. Minor can now enter the pit area with this release, with or without a parent in attendance.


  2. IF CONDITION A. IS MET, our staff notary can witness and notarize your release and waiver forms on race day.

*These releases are a one time requirement each year. They will be on file at the pit shack and are valid for the entire race season.
*Please note, these are individual waivers required for all minors, birth to 17.
*Any questions – call Janene Nelson at 641-342-3850; leave a message and phone #, if I miss your call. Race day calls, use the track number, 641-414-9104. You may be referred to another number for precise instructions.

Rules subject may change without notice

Any questions or information call 641-414-9104