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Clarke County Speedway, LLC
Osceola, Iowa

2015 Pro 4 Truck Division Rules

2015 changes are bold and underlined

Disclaimer: Clarke County Speedway, LLC. does not imply or guarantee safety. Total responsibility of vehicle safety and rule compliance is owner/driver, not Clarke County Speedway, LLC. Officials reserve the right to alter program or purse structure in the interest of time restraints. Clarke County Speedway officials have all rights to refuse any vehicle entered into any event.
1. Safety Equipment: All vehicles require a 5 SFI point racing harness attached to the roll cage. Window net with a top release is required. Window net brackets must be connected to roll cage. Drivers under the age of 16 must have fire suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, neck brace and full face helmet. Drivers over the age of 16, it is mandatory to have a fire proof jacket, long pants, neck brace, gloves, and a full face helmet. Recommended to have a FULL fire suit (Jacket and pants) and racing shoes. Head cover and nomex underwear recommended. Aluminum high back racing seat required. Seat must be mounted to cage. Quick release steering wheel recommended. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked “ON” and “OFF”
2. Motor and Transmission: Stock Four cylinder engines only. Engines must be Ford to Ford, Chevy to Chevy, Dodge to Dodge. Manual or Auto transmissions must remain stock.
STOCK MEANS STOCK. Engine and radiator must be OEM, in OEM location for year, make and model of truck. May use solid engine mounts or safety chains.
3. Body/Chassis: 4 cylinder 2wd trucks. See chart below for legal truck models. All glass, trim, grill, mirrors and all flammable material to be removed from truck. Factory stock steel body. May cover the side of the box with sheet metal. Must leave 4 inches of the top of the factory box side. Gutting is allowed of front end and box areas. Dash boards OK to leave. Doors and tail gate to be welded, chained, or bolted shut. Bumper ends should be plated or strapped to prevent hooking. A maximum 8 inch high spoiler not to extend forward past rear of rear tire is OK. Must cover bed with sheet metal with inspection cover or hole. No altered firewalls. Hook area to be made of chain or tow hook and must be visible to wrecker.

Legal truck models
These trucks are known to be within our horsepower range.

Ford Ranger

1983 to 2001

Chevy S-10/GMC Sonoma

1982 to 2003

Dodge Dakota

1987 to 2002

Toyota Pick Up

1984 to 1995

Mazda Light Trucks

1994 to 2001

(This excludes the 2.3 L Duratec I4 in the Ford Ranger and Mazda Light Trucks in mid 2001)

4. Roll Cage: Four point cage with rear kickers with “X” brace in rear hoop. Must have at least one cross bar in top halo of roll cage. Minimum .095 tubing for cage. No square tubing or galvanized pipe allowed. Must be securely welded inside cab (Door post/ floor or frame). Electric welds only. Minimum 3 horizontal door bars with up right bracing on drivers side with 18 gauge plate welded to cage front to back. Must have at least 3 windshield bars and a protected screen mounted in front of driver. May have maximum of two horizontal bars from the roll cage to the radiator support. May have maximum two horizontal bars (in addition to bar tying front frame horns together) for radiator protection; must be behind bumper, within confines of body, no wider than OEM frame horns.
5. Numbers: Vinyl graphic or NICELY PAINTED numbers. All trucks must be numbered with large, legible numbers on sides. Numbers must be in contrasting color from body, in all light conditions. If the scorers can’t read it you will not be scored. Driver/Sponsor lettering on other areas is permitted if it is in good taste (This is a family show). Numbers on side of truck must be located on front door panel and be at least 3 inches thick and 18 inches high. Numbers on top must be at least 3 inches thick and 18 inches high. If your numbers do not meet these requirements you will be given 1 week to have it fixed prior to racing again.
6. Tires and Wheels: Hoosier, American Racer, any racing tire or DOT approved tire. To keep the cost down we HIGHLY recommend used racing tires. No snow, recaps or all-terrain tires. No softening or conditioning allowed. Tires may be ground, siped, or grooved within the tread and it may not pass the factory straight line. OEM factory steel, aluminum, or racing steel wheels only.  Max 8 inch wide wheel. OEM or after market 1 inch flared lug nuts are mandatory. All four wheels and tires must be the same size.
7. Suspension and Steering:  Stock type suspension components. No coil overs. Rear spring brackets may be raised to lower rear of truck. Steering components must remain stock.
8. Rear End and Drive Shaft: Rear end housing must be stock. Trucks with locked, welded, modified posi traction, or limited slip differentials are illegal. Drive shaft must be painted white. 360-degree driveshaft loop required and must be constructed of minimum 0.25 inch by two inch solid steel, or one inch tubing, mounted six inches back from front U-joint. Rear chain required at rear of driveshaft.
9. Brakes: Stock brakes must work on all four corners.
10. Weight: Ballast is allowed. Must be painted white with your number on it.
11. Exhaust: Must extend past cab with turn down.
12. Battery/Starter: Truck must be self starting.  Battery must be securely fastened in stock position or on passenger floor. If on the passenger floor, must be in a marine case or steel box with a secured lid. If marine case is used, battery must be bolted to floor separate from case.
13. Gauges/ Electronics: 12 volt ignition system only. No ignition boxes. No performance chips. All ignition components must be unaltered, OEM and match year, make and model of truck used. Aftermarket analog tach, oil pressure and water pump gauges only. Vehicle computer (ECU) should be mounted in accessible location for inspection. No transmitting devises. RaceCeiver is allowed but not mandatory.
14. Fuel System: Must have a fuel cell located in box behind rear end in center. Stock tank is ok with no less than 20 gauge cover.  Must have at least 1/8th inch thick straps to hold gas tank and must be securely fastened.  1/8th inch x 2 inch straps recommended.
15. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): Each truck must have the original VIN number in the stock location.

Tech inspection:
All classes may be tech weekly. If you are found illegal you will lose points and money for that night. All trucks must pass a safety inspection and comply with the official’s decision on make/model, to be safe and equally competitive. Unobserved items escaping detection during inspection does not make them legal. Non-conformance to the rules will be called illegal. All permitted LEGAL exceptions to the rules will be noted by Clarke County Speedway on the entry blank.

Rules subject may change without notice.
Any questions or information call 641-414-9104